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Domestic Clearance

Fly Tipping

Fly tipping: Don't ignore the law The number of incidents of fly-tipping in the UK continues to increase, despite local councils imposing much heavier fines and impounding and even crushing the vehicles involved.   Not only is this an environmental issue it’s also not something you can...

Spring Clean

Spring clean – Any time of the year Spring is best known as a time of new beginnings; the flowers are blooming, the weather warms up and the brighter mornings makes us want a fresh start.  ‘Spring cleaning’ doesn’t have to be exclusive to the season. Removing...

Garage Clearance

Don't put it off – Declutter it! Being sentimental is a gift and a curse; holding precious memories in objects and photographs is a wonderful thing – remembering exactly where you were and how you felt just by looking at something.  However, after a lifetime of acquiring...