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Garage Clearance

Don’t put it off – Declutter it!

Being sentimental is a gift and a curse; holding precious memories in objects and photographs is a wonderful thing – remembering exactly where you were and how you felt just by looking at something. 

However, after a lifetime of acquiring objects that hold memories, you find that rather than small, sentimental objects, you’re left with an array of clutter and you can’t remember what means what and the beauty of it gets lost in the mess. 

The garage is often a storage space for when you get a burst of creativity and decide to redecorate the house. Whether you achieve it is often a different matter, but either way the garage becomes the home of the junk. 

Paint pots you bought to pimp up the living room (potentially almost empty, assuming you ever got around to it) a broken bed frame or seven, and you don’t even remember what else you stored in there for “safe keeping”. 

Has your car ever seen the inside of your garage?

Having the garage being the dumping ground for your home is bad enough when you try to get the car in and out each day but it can be even worse when you simply dump things in your bin – particularly household chemicals. 

Old paint cans, chemicals and motor oils need to be disposed of properly to be mindful of the environment and reduce the amount of landfill. Garage clearance can be easier than you think and stop the garage being the junk emporium. 

People often put off getting their garages cleared if they have heavy items they can’t dispose of themselves. However, a legitimate service like Clear It Out, will handle everything for you, whether it be heavy, broken or damaged. 

Stop putting off what bothers you every day on your way to work as you weave around the rubbish in the garage to get to the car. 

Download the full article here: News 01 – Garage Clearance

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