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Chattels & Probate Valuation London

We offer a probate contents valuation service

Here at Clear It Out we offer a probate contents valuation service to customers requiring a probate report for inheritance tax purposes.

We understand that losing a family member, friend or loved one can be an emotional experience, and it takes some time for life to get back to normal. Our Probate Valuation Service can at least mean that you have one less thing on your mind during this difficult period.

A valuation of the contents (chattels) of an estate is usually a necessary procedure in order to establish the inheritance tax liability due to HMRC. Chattels of an estate are essentially the items in a building which will be removed once the building is sold. So antique furniture would be classed as a chattel whereas the central heating system and bathroom suite would not be!

Items of note which would usually be part of a probate report include jewellery, vehicles, antiques & collectables and fine art.

Prices vary for our Probate Valuation Service as obviously every valuation is different. Sometimes a lot of background research will have to be done in order to file an accurate report. All valuations include a home visit, background research and either a PDF copy of the probate report sent to you via email or a printed copy posted or hand delivered to your door.

After we file our report we can provide the following services:

  • We can advise you as to where the best place might be to sell specific items
  • We may offer to purchase items from you
  • Probate clearance costs could be offset against the value of items
  • We can put you in touch with dealers and auction houses who may be interested in specific items

We recommend that you get in touch with us by telephone or email us via our designated probate services email address info@clearitout.co.uk to further discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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