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Spring Clean

Spring clean – Any time of the year

Spring is best known as a time of new beginnings; the flowers are blooming, the weather warms up and the brighter mornings makes us want a fresh start. 

‘Spring cleaning’ doesn’t have to be exclusive to the season. Removing clutter from your  home or workplace is something we should all make more of an effort to do. There’s something refreshing about clearing out old things we never wear, never use or have an interest in any longer. 

Never mind the season – make a fresh start

Some things are harder to get rid of but we need to just bite the bullet and get it done. The kids’ first bike? Sentimental but they’re at university now so really what’s the use? It’s gaining rust and won’t be used again. Clear it out! That old fridge that’s been in the shed since it packed up seven months ago? Taking up space that could better fit some new garden furniture. Clear it out!  

Going through the house systematically is often effective but if you do find it hard to let go of your possessions it often helps by getting rid of things that you really don’t need, i.e. broken items, clothes too small or things you have multiple of. Once you get going and start to see your home take a tidier shape, getting rid of things becomes easier. Things like this are especially important if you’re moving home and downsizing. Anything you eventually decide is being chucked out can be collected by a legitimate rubbish collector to save you anymore hassle. 

While spring is the time for new beginnings, this doesn’t mean you should keep putting off the de-cluttering until April – there’s no wrong time to give your house a makeover!

Download full article here: News 02 – Spring Cleaning

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